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'She moves for her mind'


We are Newcastle's 1st mental-health friendly, body positive, female-only fitness studio.    

Our core philosophy is 'She moves for her mind' first and that anything else is an added bonus! This means your self care & mental health are our biggest priority! We 'move' for pure pleasure, your health & a big dose of fun! 

The Self Care Sisterhood is a safe space for you to feel included and cared for. We celebrate body diversity and believe all bodies are GOOD BODIES! We reject diet culture that tells us we need do/be less. We are a weight-neutral zone (safe from diets & body shaming)...So we count 'small victories' NOT calories!

With the individual support, guidance & accountability from Head Coaches Chloe & Ellen ( SCS Resident Cheerleaders) and your fellow Girl Gang - we know you will love 'Moving for your mind' with us!

We only have one rule: No mean girls allowed. 

  So, if you are looking for a supportive sisterhood that'll have your back- read our Girl Gang Code below!


Girl Gang first.   Fitness second. 



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She moves for her mind, strength & self care.

The Self Care Sisterhood is a stigma-free, weight-bias neutral zone. A place for women to feel seen, heard and valued. We offer small group classes so can you move your gorgeous body with guidance & support (minus the gym lads!) 

We encourage our girl gang to practice positive self talk through coaching in class (Chloe is nicknamed the cheerleader & Ellen is our self love queen- No yelling drill Sargents here!

During each class we encourage you to breathe mindfully (we call it the "ugly breath") so you can practice active body awareness.  All of our Bend + Stretch classes include a beginner friendly, guided meditation to help you leave class with your self care cup full! 



Girl Gang Testimonials

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How do I join?

Book your "Self Care Cuppa CONSULT”



Head Trainers Chloe & Ellen believe that all good friendships start over a cheeky cuppa!

1. Book yourself in for a "Self Care Cuppa Consult" : a complimentary 30 minute consult - just fill out our booking form below.

2. Book yourself in via our Calendly Scheduler for a consult!

(this will apply after you hit “Submit” on your form)   

3.  Join Chloe or Ellen at our studio for a coffee or tea (our shout!) so we can hear your story. We'll discuss any injuries, illness/conditions that you may have. Chloe or Ellen can then listen & understand what you & your body are needing- & we can set some graced-filled goals!

4. Make a 'Self Care Plan' together that gets you 'Moving For Your Mind' on your terms.  

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