Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question to ask? Take a look & see if yours is answered below!

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Are you a female-only studio? 

We sure are! We know you are sick of intimidating, male-dominated gyms that suck the fun right out of your fitness! Chloe has created a safe, mental-health friendly, body-positive space (minus the grunting gym lads! Yak!) so that you can THRIVE! 


How are you mental health/chronic illness friendly?

We have smaller classes than the average studio on purpose to ensure “overwhelm” is lower & you get the personal support you need. We also keep our music at a manageable level (no deafening sessions here!) Chloe is aware some of our members find this triggering (she is a chronic migraine sufferer so she gets it!) and wants to create the most accessible space for you!

During our meditations we use a salt lamp to set the mood, soft music instead of essential oils/candles as Chloe is aware this can be unhelpful for those with chronic illness & mental health symptoms. 


Am I fit enough to come?  

Babe- you are perfect just as you are! I provide boutique sized small group personal training to ensure all bodies are loved & looked after! I also provide options for ALL movements; including straps, blocks & chairs for support. 

If you are particularly nervous - book yourself in for a 1-on-1 session with me & I can help you strengthen your movement skills so you feel confident to slip into class. 


What if I have an injury? 

That should be fine! Please let me know all about it (i.e. where? And how old is the injury?) 

Depending on your needs & the injury I can help you find alternatives/options in class. However if you are currently injured, you will need a physio or doctor’s letter of clearance to start class. I want to keep my clients moving safely, this ensures you do! 

Alternatively, I have multiple clients who have had past injuries do a few 1-on-1 sessions with me before starting group classes. This is great for building your confidence and strengthening areas that need support so they can transition well into group classes. Sign up for classes here or sign up for 1-on-1 starter pack here.  


What is your class session and personal training cancellation policy? 

Our SCS studio is intimate and we keep our classes small (around 10-12 ppl) so we get a chance to focus on you individually in a fun social environment. Booking are highly recommended as classes do book out, so we require you to cancel your booking at a minimum of 8 hours before your class. Booking is easy and can done through our website or our PTminder app (once you have signed up via our website.

If you are on a class pass & fail to cancel before your class this will be deducted from your total as if you had attended. Please be aware that by not cancelling out of your class session this may stop another #girlgang member from signing in! 


Where do I park?

We have four reserved off-street parking spots for use in front of the studio. Alternatively, there is ample street front parking all day or you can park in the street behind. 


Can i pause my membership? How long for?

Yes indeed! If you know when you will be away please give us (2) two weeks written notice so we can arrange this for you in time. Please email with the dates you will be away. Also please note that there is a maximum of 4 weeks pause per year & a minimum of (2) weeks must be taken each time. There is also a $20 admin fee for each suspension. 


How can I get in touch with Chloe? 

Call or text Chloe on: 0414 053 630 

Email Chloe on: