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How do I join? 

Book your 'Cuppa with Chloe' below to get started!  

Chloe loves to welcome ALL of our new girl gang members into our sisterhood with a good old cuppa & chat so she can serve you well. 

1. Book yourself in for a "Cuppa with Chloe" (a complimentary 30 minute consult session)- See button below. 

2.  Join Chloe at her studio for a coffee & a chat (her shout!) so she can hear your story and talk about any injuries, illness/conditions that you may have. This helps Chloe to see what you & your body are needing & we can make some grace-filled goals that reflect that!

3. We will then make a clear 'Self Care Plan' together that suits you & gets you moving for your mind on your terms.  


 Book your "Cuppa with Chloe" 

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