Meet Chloe. 


Hey Babe, I'm Chloe Sutton.

 Founder and Head cheerleader (ahem!) personal trainer at The Self Care Sisterhood. 

Most days you can find me sipping lattes, surrounded by my girl gang in class and trying to sneakily rid my leggings of my fur baby Melanie’s white hairs #dogmumlife. 

I am mostly known for my loud cackle, my quirky sense of humour and my love of empowering other women like me to move for their minds. 

My Girl Gang often refer to me as “the cheerleader”

I love to encourage my girl gang and model positive self talk as they move (No gross army drill sergeant here!). I love serving the world by creating a safe space for women to move their bodies for their mental health minus body shaming, bullies and diet culture. I do this by meeting my girl gang where they are at & supporting them through movement, self care & mindfulness based meditation. 



As a woman with mental & chronic illness...I get how bloody hard life can be. Thanks bipolar 2, chronic migraines and endometriosis (yep, the big three!) 

As a result the things I am most passionate about are mental health awareness, suicide prevention and self care (ok and also pizza!). I've experienced first hand how incredibly backwards our society is about mental health. Everybody has a brain and it needs love and TLC too! I found that one of the best ways to help my mental health (but most hard to access!) was fitness alongside my other self care.

I discovered the power of movement when I participated in Newcastle University's "Health Body, Healthy Mind" pilot clinical trial in 2013. I learnt how to move my body- that I could feel strong, to lift weights (feels amazing!) and that I could use it as a tool against my depression.

This is where "Moving For My Mind' was born. It started as my own personal mantra & helped me to keep perspective when I entered the University Gym & I was full of fear as I entered the big male dominated space.  But when it finished I fell off the deep end. I couldn't find anywhere I felt safe & accepted as I was- a woman with mental & chronic illness. I found trainers didn't understand that just showing up WAS the biggest victory!

 After then spending two years bed-bound with chronic migraines & losing all ability to 'move' .... I decided when I could I would help women like me to 'move'.  

This is why I serve women who are looking for a mental health friendly, body positive space to move their gorgeous bodies!

It's about time Newcastle had a place for you and I... Don't you think? 

Want to learn more & have a cuppa with me? (My shout!) 

Book your complimentary 30 minute consult with me! 

Chloe xo



Certificate III in Fitness - Aust. Institute of Fitness

Certificate IV in Fitness -Aust. Institute of Fitness

Master Trainer - Aust. Institute of Fitness

Diploma in Holistic Meditation - Yoga Alliance Australia

Current Senior First Aid & CPR certificate

Currently studying for her GGS-1 certification -Girls Gone Strong.


Melanie - Resident Self Care Support Dog

You can call me 'Mei Mei' for short. I like long walks with my mum & dad, eating carrots and kissing as many friends as I can. I sometimes come to work with mum & like to sit on my new friends laps. My favourite thing to do is make sure everyone feels safe & has received as many kisses as I am allowed to give (Mum says I need to ask first!). I am an expert breath checker-er-er, but don't worry I sit in my princess bed during class, Mum says people don't need their noses cleaned during planks. 

If you ever need a hug during class, I'm your girl x