Meet Tiahna


Hi, my name is Tiahna Goldbird and I’m your hoop teacher. Here’s three things you need to know about me…

What does moving for your mind mean to you? 

Moving for your mind’ means so much to me, as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression it’s moving my body for a juicy dose of endorphins and exhaustion that keep my emotional state on an even keel.

As a hoop artist though, moving for my mind means moving with the intention to challenge my approach to living. It means getting up close and personal with failure and trying again, finding playful and enjoyable focus within the endless possibilities of a circle.

What's your signature move/trick? 

My signature move has got to be Spinning. Sustained, dizzifying, fall down on your toosh and laugh out loud, swirly till your sloshy, spinning. Let’s just say if I was a superhero I’d harness the power of centrifugal force to make laughter lava explode from my face. 


What does self care mean to you? 

As a mum, a wife and a movement facilitator my heartfelt energy is in high demand but also limited.

“‘Self Care”is what I do to keep my cup full enough to pour into my passions…"

It’s about me- putting my well-being upfront and centre because I’m worthy of my own attention. 

Last question… Why are you a movement teacher/instructor?

When I was about 4 my mum enrolled me into dance class. It was my ‘sport’, the thing that made me feel shiny and bright and I loved the challenge of dancing routines. Oh little did I know though, I was also learning to dance for emotional expression and release.

As I hit puberty a depression fuelled body-shame spiral repelled me from the dance floor and I spent my teens and early twenties mistreating my body because she didn’t fit ideals that were being sold to me in magazines and advertising. I was miserable and lost with all the worlds worries swirling inside of me.

Then I found the hoop, a huge orange and silver hoop on a festival dance floor. 

“That hoop redirected my attention from the shape of my body towards what my body was able to do…”

The hoop became a game I’d play with, an invitation to try hard at something and most deliciously a partner to dance with that was there any time any place.

Hooping helped me become more open, resilient and playful. It also invited me back to dancing in such momentous, imaginative and joyous way…. I needed to share this newfound sense of freedom with others- so here I am!

Want a hoop of your own?

All of my hoops are hand made by me in the Teaki Hoops Headquarters, just off Newcastle’s cosmopolitan Beaumont St in Hamilton. Check out some of my creations here and follow me on Instagram @Teaki_hoops for the newest available designs.