Our Classes

All of our classes include options & alternative movements so that all bodies are given the support they deserve.

This includes aids such as chairs, bands & hands-on guidance from Chloe.

Bend & Stretch 

Great for releasing & letting go.

Join us as Chloe guides you through a sequence of dynamic (moving) and static (holding) stretches, mobility training & fascial release (think foam rollers, trigger point balls). Fill up your self care cup as you build flexibility, protect against injury and correct your posture. This class leaves you feeling relaxed, calm & blissed out! We recommend a minimum of one B&S class for all Girl Gang members to ensure you recover well. 

Guided meditation included in each class. 


Sweat mindfully with Chloe & our girl gang. An all body workout with a focus on core, glute and posture strengthening exercises. This includes building balance and better posture by using a range of band, floor work & free weights.  A great place to start to build your hip, core & knee stability- recommended for all new members to start here.   


This class is designed to make you feel like Wonder Woman- strong & you know it! This class focuses on helping you conquer movement patterns that we use (& need to use safely!) in everyday life- such as the squat, deadlift, horizontal & vertical push & pull.  We use free weights to build strong muscles (you won't get bulky promise!) as Chloe guides you through with options for all bodies. We recommend coming to at least 2 classes a week if you are wanting to build strength.  


Tribe is our weekly 'self care' check in with Chloe. Share a cheeky cuppa with Chloe (or bring along your dinner or both!) as you are led through setting grace-filled goals, mindful activity & discussion. A great time to catch up with your girl gang, check in that your goals are still grace-filled and take stock of your 'small victories'. A time to be encouraged and uplifted as a 'Girl Gang'. Come along before Bend & Stretch & make some deeper friendships!


Sisterhood Sessions 

Once a month join Chloe for a fun group activity! Be it a girl's movie night, a group dinner, a coffee date or an active excursion!  A great time for our Girl Gang to bond, move for our minds (that includes our lips too!) and be encouraged! 

Keep a watch on our FB group page & event page for monthly details!


Come join Chloe, an experienced Holistic Meditation Teacher (Diploma from Yoga Alliance Australia) as you are led through a beginner guided meditation. All of her meditations have a focus on self compassion, body awareness, holding space for self & self care. Chloe holds space for you lovingly observe your body & thoughts minus judgement. Each class begins with some gentle stretches to allow you to settle into your chosen pose (sitting or lying). Chloe explains common misconceptions about meditation at the beginning of each class to help remind you about your practice & how it can help your mental health.  (e.g. often your mind will become louder during meditation, but how we redirect our thoughts with kindness not judgement makes all the difference!)   

All of our 60 minute classes include a 10 minute meditation & our weekly Calm meditation goes for 30 minutes for those who want to immerse themselves in their practice in a supportive, guided environment.    


If you think meditation isn't for you read this:

There is no "ONE" way to meditation- like styles of music or your favourite shoes- you must find a way that fits you. Chloe uses both concentrative and mindfulness-based meditation to help you connect to your breath & your body.   

Concentrative Meditation focuses your attention on your breathing whilst using an image, or a sound (often called a sound/work) to allow you to narrow your focus and be intently focused on one thing. For example, you can be led to focus through a forest, onto a tree and then onto one particular branch or leaf, allowing you to remove all other things until you are left with one focal point. 

Mindfulness Meditation involves opening your awareness and allowing yourself to notice & observe feelings, thoughts, sounds, images, smells etc without delving deep into thought about them. Think of it as if you are an active observer, like watching people watching at the airport but not becoming an active character in your observation. This involves consciously practicing careful observation rather than reaction. Ultimately all meditation uses different techniques to build our focus and attention. Chloe's unique style is not spiritual and allows beginner's to slowly deepen their practice to aid their mental health. 

TUESDAYS at 6:30 pm


Common Myths about Meditation: 

MYTH: My mind has to be 'silent' / I must have no thoughts.

TRUTH: Your mind will often become louder as thoughts come up & are processed. Meditation is often a time for us to observe our thoughts, by stiffling or ignoring thoughts we often make it worse for ourselves & cause ourselves unnecessary stress! Meditation is about how we direct our attention & breath allowing us to bridge the gap between our inner chatter and calm. 

MYTH: I have to be 'completely still' for my meditation to be 'good'

  TRUTH: Often in meditation we will experience a range of sensations through our bodies such as warmth/coolness, twitching or perhaps tingling through the body. Shifting is often normal when we begin our practice & remembering that meditation isn't about 'performance' its about awareness with the body and breath- everyone's experience is unique to them. 

MYTH: I have to be a 'monk' or practice for decades to get any benefit/be "good at meditation"

TRUTH: The benefits of meditation are both instant and long-term! I know! Its a gift that keeps on giving. Like all things that we practice as we progress we notice new benefits. Newbies to meditation often feel calmer, more relaxed after just one session. As they continue they experience benefits such as better sleep, more emotional resilience, more self compassionate thoughts during their day & even notice their memory & mental illness symptoms aided by their practice! 

MYTH: "I don't have time to mediate"

TRUTH: Meditation isn't a fixed thing. It changes depending on each person's needs, lifestyles & preferences. As I like to remind my students: Anything is better than nothing! Find a time and place that suits your schedule not the other way around. Meditation is a power add-on to your self care toolkit! I include it in all my 60 minute evening classes to help my clients regularly add it into their routine in a way that suits them. Having guidance & support as you start your practice helps too! How about a mindful minute of breathing as you lie down for bed? 

Want to learn more?

Read this article from Psychology Today with scientific evidence for meditation!



How do I get started?

Book your 'Cuppa w/ Chloe' below to get started!  

Chloe loves to welcome ALL of our new girl gang members into our sisterhood with a good old cuppa & chat so she can serve you well. 

1. Book yourself in for a "Cuppa with Chloe" (a complimentary 30 minute consult session)- See button below. 

2.  Join Chloe at her studio for a coffee & a chat (her shout!) so she can hear your story and talk about any injuries, illness/conditions that you may have. This helps Chloe to see what you & your body are needing & we can make some grace-filled goals that reflect that!

3. We will then make a clear 'Self Care Plan' together that suits you & gets you moving for your mind on your terms.  



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