Our Girl Gang Philosophy


She Moves For Her Mind

First and foremost, Our big "why" is that we 'move' for our mental health first. This means that when our inner mean girl rears her ugly head, diet culture tells us fibs or when we are just feeling weighed down by mental health or chronic illness (or just life is hard!) we can remember our 'WHY' and help us re-set the reason behind why we do it! 


 Self Care Isn't Selfish

You may have guessed from our name- We are very BIG on self care! But what is self care? We define self care as any action you take to look after your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or professional health so you can thrive not just survive! 

This may look like: 

Emotional : Journalling out thoughts & feelings, Writing a self care plan, writing or speaking affirmations. 

Physical: Moving your body in a way you love. Likea Bend & Stretch class or a walk with your fur baby. Or Seeing your doctor for a check up or new medication.

Mental: Seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist for support. 

Spiritual: Praying, meditating, meeting with others like at church, acknowledging nature.  

Professional: Setting a clear work/life boundaries, going home on time, not replying to emails on weekends etc.  


She Counts Small Victories Not Calories! 

We think (and so does our resident Dietitian Steph) that diet culture is insidious & unhelpful. So instead of measuring bodies or counting calories we count "small victories" instead. 

This may be showing up for your first ever class, trying a new move or even lifting a heavier weight than you thought you could!

We CELEBRATE Every. Single. Victory With You!

Why? Because its a cheeky way to sneak a relevant gratitude practice into your class and into your life. It will help you reframe your thinking when that 'inner mean girl' rears her ugly head during class or in life. It helps you to look for the good, notice progress & focus on creating healthy long term habits rather than just an 'outcome'.

Research also says by acknowledging "process based goals" (I can move my body by .....)" rather than "outcome" based goals (e.g. I will lose X kg) - you are MORE likely to stick with it long term! We LOVE the sound of that! 


We are a #girlgang first, Fitness studio second.

Chloe was sick of going to gyms where people didn't know her name (or called her Zoe for the rest of her life!). They were full of 'bro culture', were intimidating & not female friendly. Yuck. This is why The Self Care Sisterhood has made a very clear choice to build a #girlgang- where you are known, appreciated & valued. All our members know that we treat each other as we expect to be treated, that we never comment on another's body & that we have only one rule: No mean girls allowed (like, ever!).