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How do I join The Self Care Sisterhood?


Fill out the form below and we’ll give you a call within 2 business days to get to know you and see if we’re a good fit for you! We’ll then organise a time for you to come into the studio for a consult and get you started.

We believe you deserve the best guidance & support for your unique body - one of our main philosophies is “Options for all bodies” after all! Starting with a plan allows you to have clarity & direction when you try new things.

A consult is also important so that:

  • You can share your story & needs with us.

  • We can give you tailored support to making a good start.

  • As a team we can create a plan for movement that is achievable & realistic (this looks different for everyBODY) - AND brings you joy!

  • Roadblocks or obstacles can be tackled together with clear plan so you can be empowered to move straight away!

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