"The Self Care Sisterhood is exactly that. It is a sisterhood of women who embrace each other, make you feel so welcomed and accept you for who you are. From the moment I walked in Chloe showed so much care and takes the time to provide explanations and guidance but most of all confidence. It is the holistic approach that embraces your physical, emotional and mental health that makes this sisterhood so much different. I have searched for so long to find my place and this is it"

- Simone P



"The Self Care Sisterhood is such a hidden gem! It's a space where you feel included, supported and encouraged to just be your true self. The girls are all welcoming and friendly. I find the classes to be fun, positive and uplifting. Some are more challenging than others but more in a way to encourage you to become stronger, fitter and achieve your personal goals than to just make you sweat and burn calories. The variety in the workouts and classes are amazing. Love that they include meditation in their yoga sessions and offer online classes. So grateful to be apart of this beautiful community."

- Anna G


"I absolutely adore this gym . I never felt comfortable in a normal gym but when I found this online I had to give it a go .
At my consult with Chloe she put me totally at ease and I had to give it a go .
The classes are amazing from boxing to dance to yin yoga . I always end up laughing in classes because they are so fun while also getting a work out and I end up leaving every class blissed out .
Thank you Chloe and the rest of the team for giving this working mum somewhere to recharge . I’m forever grateful 😊"

- Michelle K


"Unique focus on moving for your mental wellbeing with size and shape not being the front focus. Refreshing and evidence based practice with movements altered to suit injury and discomfort! Such a comfortable and safe environment with supportive small classes. Really can't recommend Chloe and her team enough!!"

- Elise S


"This is a beautiful inclusive space for every lady! I have never felt more welcome in a gym and adore heading in there. All the staff and Chloe are welcoming/kind and understanding. I recommended this place to everyone and will continue to do so for a long time! Head in and have a chat to Chloe, you will love it."

- Andrea K


"Joining the Sisterhood is one of the best decisions i've ever made! It is so much fun and the workouts always have options to choose from (but are still as intense as you would like them to be!). I have made friends and had so many laughs! I honestly can't recommend Chloe and the Girl Gang more!"

- Ashley B


"Chloé and the team at the Self Care Sisterhood are wonderful. In fact, the whole community is welcoming and supporting. Every body is not just accepted, but welcomed and I'm loving being a member and exploring Self care at a whole new level is changing my relationship with my body. This is not your standard gym, this place is special."

- Margie M


"The Self Care Sisterhood is safe haven for women who may not feel comfortable in gyms that focus on body image and exercise for weightloss. The focus here is on feeling empowered, strong, and connecting to the mind, body and spirit. And a wonderful space for women to meet other like minded women."

- Tamasin S


"Having had some bad experiences at other gyms, joining SCS has honestly been the best decision and I am now back loving moving my body without feeling shamed. The best part about being a member here is you gain a girl gang of lovely, funny and inspiring women who encourage each other. I leave every session like I've been lifted up and given a big hug :)"

- Jess R


"A body-positive gym with a focus on ‘girl gang’ first. There’s no pressure here. There’s plenty of options if you can’t do a movement and if you’re not feeling it there’s no question if you choose to step out and sit down. There’s no focus on losing weight... the focus is moving for your mind. Which I love.

The SCS has taught me to love my body, it’s curves and to celebrate everything it can do and slowly work on the things it can’t. So one day, I may be able to do those challenging movements.

100% recommend for all women keen on a judgement free work our area and keen on meeting like minded women. No nasty comments or nasty women here!"

- Emily B


"The Self Care Sisterhood has had such a wonderful impact on my life. The studio is the most welcoming place you'll find. There are women of different ages and walks of life, who support each other and will quite literally cheer you on. Chloe and her beautiful team have created a safe space for women to focus on themselves and move in meaningful ways. Their mantra, "She moves for her mind" is in every class at the studio. Each session provides modifications so that each and every woman can move and strengthen their body and well-being. There is a variety of classes, from yoga, dance, boxing, strength building, core focus, pilates, stretching; something for everyone. I have never been able to commit to exercise before and have struggled with body image. The Self Care Sisterhood has helped me so much with this. I always feel rewarded after each class and moving with a supportive, funny, loving, diverse group of women makes all the difference. I can not recommend joining our Girl Gang highly enough!"

- Jess B


"The Self Care Sisterhood is everything I had always been searching for and never able to completely find in a regular ‘gym’

- A strong focus on moving for overall well-being and mental health benefits
- A fully inclusive and non- judgemental environment
- A fun and friendly group of supportive women - no mean girls allowed

I highly recommend everyone book in a cuppa with Chloe and give the The Self Care Sisterhood a go, you will not be disappointed!"

- Samantha H


"Best gym I've ever been to! Amazing support from the trainers and girl gang."

- Shannon T


"The help you've always wanted and needed in a sisterhood from support, to training and everything in between. A real connection like no other.
So happy I've found this place and am apart of something real and special"

- Sarah A


"Supportive trainers with a variety of classes. SCS combines a community, compassion and fitness really well."

- Rachel I


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