Body positive fitness for mental health.


Ditch the scale.

Move for your mind.

Get strong.




Wanna move on your own, or with others?

Personal Training

Get strong & build mobility fast with a program written for your unique body, previous injuries/conditions & YOUR goals.

Get the accountability & on-going support from your coach (+ girl gang) to work as a team so you can move more safely with strength & energy to spare!

Package Options

Small Group Classes

Become stronger, fitter & happier within our close knit girl gang community with 20+ classes per week to explore!

Enjoy a ‘Pick’N’Mix’ of class styles to suit your mood, energy or stress level every day! Boxing, Strength training, Bend & Stretch (mobility), HIIT/agility, Pilates & Yoga classes.


When we say we're inclusive, we mean it!

Weight-Neutral + Respectful  Care

We never weigh or measure our clients (ew!) and instead focus on how moving your body makes you feel!

Options for All Bodies

Because everyone deserves to move minus guilt, shame or fear!

Mental Health + Trauma-Informed 

We are a safe space to move your body minus 'gym lads', mean girls and diet culture 


"The Self Care Sisterhood is a safe haven for women who may not feel comfortable in gyms that focus on body image and exercise for weightloss. The focus here is on feeling empowered, strong, and connecting to the mind, body and spirit.

I have made friends and had so many laughs! I honestly can't recommend Chloe and the Girl Gang more!"

 - Tamasin S


"This is a beautiful inclusive space for every lady! I have never felt more welcome in a gym and adore heading in there. All the staff and Chloe are welcoming/kind and understanding.

I recommended this place to everyone and will continue to do so for a long time! Head in and have a chat to Chloe, you will love it."

- Andrea K


"A body-positive gym with a focus on ‘girl gang’ first. There’s no pressure here. There’s plenty of options if you can’t do a movement and if you’re not feeling it there’s no question if you choose to step out and sit down.

100% recommend for all women keen on a judgement-free workout area and keen on meeting like-minded women."

- Emily B


"Having had some bad experiences at other gyms, joining SCS has honestly been the best decision and I am now back loving moving my body without feeling shamed.

The best part about being a member here is you gain a girl gang of lovely, funny and inspiring women who encourage each other. I leave every session like I've been lifted up and given a big hug :)"

 - Jess R


"The Self Care Sisterhood is exactly that. It is a sisterhood of women who embrace each other, make you feel so welcomed and accept you for who you are. From the moment I walked in Chloe showed so much care and takes the time to provide explanations and guidance but most of all confidence. It is the holistic approach that embraces your physical, emotional and mental health that makes this sisterhood so much different. I have searched for so long to find my place and this is it"

- Simone P


"Chloé and the team at the Self Care Sisterhood are wonderful. In fact, the whole community is welcoming and supporting.

Every body is not just accepted, but welcomed and I'm loving being a member and exploring Self care at a whole new level is changing my relationship with my body. This is not your standard gym, this place is special."

- Margie M



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The Self Care Sisterhood operates on Awabakal country. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land and pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who work and live on this land