Meet our team!

We have an incredible group of women (if we do say so ourselves!) who are here to support you 100% in your self care and movement!

Chloe - Founder & Head PT (she/her)

Most days you can find me sipping lattes, surrounded by my girl gang in class and trying to sneakily rid my leggings of my fur baby Melanie’s white hairs #dogmumlife. 

I am mostly known for my loud cackle, my quirky sense of humour and my love of empowering other women like me to move for their minds. 

My Girl Gang often refer to me as “the cheerleader”

I love to encourage my girl gang and model positive self talk as they move (No gross army drill sergeant here!). I love serving the world by creating a safe space for women to move their bodies for their mental health minus body shaming, bullies and diet culture. I do this by meeting my girl gang where they are at & supporting them through movement, self care & mindfulness based meditation. 

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Leonie - Personal Trainer (she/her)

(Pictured Right) 

1. What does moving for your mind mean to you?

Moving for my mind is about the power and confidence I feel when I’m exercising. I love the feeling of pushing past my comfort zone and realising how much determination I really have. But it's also about the long term effects; the buzzy feeling as I'm walking home, the freedom from pain that comes with mobility, and of course, the constant lift for my overall mental health.

2. What’s your signature move/trick?

I just love a heavy deadlift. There's something empowering about putting every muscle in my body into lifting something big off the ground. When I'm at home, though, you can't get me to stop practising ballet around the house.

3. What does self care mean to you?

Self care is taking care of my future self. That's doing the sucky things like washing the dishes before bed or showing up to a scary appointment, and taking a walk instead of a three hour nap. It's also taking time to slow down from my anxious thoughts through mindfulness and creativity.

4. Why are you a movement teacher/instructor?

I decided to be a movement teacher when exercise helped me overcome daily headaches and body image troubles, and I found a community in a group gym. I wanted my work throughout my uni degree to be meaningful so I closed my eyes and enrolled in my Cert IV in Fitness. I'm so fortunate to be teaching a group of ladies that share my worldview and values at SCS.

5. In my class I want you to feel...

included in the Girl Gang's antics, and proud of your small victories every day!

Heather - Yoga & Pilates Teacher (she/her) - left.

1. What does moving for your mind mean to you? 

Moving for your mind through the form of yoga, for me, can be summed up by Rumer Godden from her book A House with Four Rooms:“There is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but, unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.”In the practice of yoga, I try to facilitate themes in class to help practitioners connect to all aspects of self, so when they walk out, they feel decluttered, refreshed, and complete.  

2. What’s your signature move/trick?

My special sauce is that my classes are "A book club on the yoga mat." I weave one of my favorite authors, a book that usually is helping me in my life or a theme I love to share in a creative way to keep the practice self-reflective and intriguing.  

3. What does self care mean to you?

Self-care, to me, means tuning in to what I need at the moment, which sometimes looks like changing what I thought I was going to do towards doing something that will either recharge me, motivate or lift me.  It, too, means doing what my soul knows will help me even if my mind isn't on board, like getting away from the hustle and going outside, or the complete opposite and turning off to read a book or watch something mindless.  

4. Why are you a movement teacher/instructor?

I am a movement teacher because since I was a little girl and learned the word "ambition," I knew that I wanted to be a difference-maker to help people's lives.  I didn't know how I was going to do it, but when I found yoga and my teacher in my mid-twenties, I knew I had found a career that would not only help me be a positive influence but also allowed me to explore my authentic self.    

5. In my class I want you to feel...

Like I took you on an experience.  I hope you leave feeling inspired to continue to learn about yourself from the tools I've provided or the theme I've had you contemplate on-off of the four corners of your mat and in your life.

Becky - Studio Manager (she/her) - Pictured middle.

1. What does “Moving for your Mind” mean to you?

I used to see exercise as something I 'should' do, rather than something I 'can' do - and as a result I never really enjoyed it or wanted to do it! Over the last few years, I've rediscovered the joy of movement, and focused on movements that I actually have fun doing and make me feel good in my body. I also like to focus on how I feel (physically and mentally) after moving - sometimes my mental illness makes it really hard to get going, but I know that afterwards I'll get that serotonin/endorphin hit that will make it worth it!

2. What does self care mean to you?

I often think of self care as 'mothering' myself, or looking after myself the way I would care for a friend, which means looking after myself with compassion and without judgement (sometimes easier said than done!). I struggle with depression and anxiety which affects many aspects of my life, so a lot of the time my self care is pretty 'boring': making sure I eat and drink enough, getting to sleep on time, going to the psychologist and taking my meds. A really important aspect of self care for me is also rest and boundaries - knowing when I need to say 'no' to things (again, easier said than done!). 

3. What role do you have at the SCS?

I'm in charge of admin, so I basically do all the behind-the-scenes stuff to keep things running smoothly! You'll mostly hear from me via email or see me behind the desk at the studio.

4. Why do you like being a part of team SCS?

It's incredible to work at a place that has such similar values to mine. The whole concept of the SCS really resonated with me when I first started coming along - it felt like a little oasis of safety within the classic 'gym culture' of hustle and focus on weight loss. It's such an honour to be able to help women find freedom and joy in movement.

Lawrie - Personal Trainer (she/they)

Pictured Left. 

1. What does “Moving for your Mind” mean to you?

Growing up, I had a very health conscious mother who was passionate about eating healthy and working out every chance she got, and it was mostly laced with the effort to maintain certain physical features, so when I learnt that exercise could be for a different reason, my perspective on so many things changed as I learnt to move because I can and it's fun and not just to look a certain way

2. What does self care mean to you?

Honestly, coming through for yourself and making yourself a priority.

3. What role do you have at the SCS?

At the moment, I'm sort of like an Intern. I'm studying my cert 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training currently and also helping with administration jobs for the gym

4. What made you want to train as a movement instructor?

When I first met Chloe, she was just finishing up preparations to launch this business. She told me about her desires and her goals as she stepped into a huge need in the community. This movement she's created with the Self Care Sisterhood is vital and amazing and I've been a supporter from afar to a member and I just needed to get even more amongst it!

5. Why do you like being a part of team SCS?

This team is strong! Talented and independent women with bold personalities and huge open hearts; to learn from them is something special!

Melanie - Resident Self Care Support Dog

You can call me 'Mei Mei' for short. I like long walks with my mum & dad, eating carrots and kissing as many friends as I can. I sometimes come to work with mum & like to sit on my new friends laps. My favourite thing to do is make sure everyone feels safe & has received as many kisses as I am allowed to give (Mum says I need to ask first!). I am an expert breath checker-er-er, but don't worry I sit in my princess bed during class, Mum says people don't need their noses cleaned during planks. 

If you ever need a hug during class, I'm your girl x

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