Our Philosophy


Our Community Code

Move for your Mind

First and foremost, Our big "why" is that we move for our mental health first. This means that when our inner critic rears their ugly head, diet culture tells us fibs or when we are just feeling weighed down by mental health or chronic illness (or just life is hard!) we can remember our 'WHY' and help us re-set the reason behind why we do it! 

Self Care Isn't Selfish

You may have guessed from our name- We are very BIG on self care! But what is self care? We define self care as any action you take to look after your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or professional health so you can thrive not just survive! 

This may look like: 

Emotional : Journalling out thoughts & feelings, Writing a self care plan, writing or speaking affirmations. 

Physical: Moving your body in a way you love. Like a Bend & Stretch class or a walk with your fur baby. Or seeing your doctor for a check up or new medication.

Mental: Seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist for support. 

Spiritual: Praying, meditating, meeting with others like at church, acknowledging nature.  

Professional: Setting a clear work/life boundaries, going home on time, not replying to emails on weekends etc.  

We Count Small Victories Not Calories! 

We think that diet culture is insidious & unhelpful. So instead of measuring bodies or counting calories we count "small victories" instead. 

This may be showing up for your first ever class, trying a new move or even lifting a heavier weight than you thought you could!

We CELEBRATE Every. Single. Victory With You!

Why? Because it's a cheeky way to sneak a relevant gratitude practice into your class and into your life. It will help you reframe your thinking when that 'inner mean girl' rears her ugly head during class or in life. It helps you to look for the good, notice progress & focus on creating healthy long term habits rather than just an 'outcome'.


The Blanket Rule 

If you ever need to stop, sit down, leave the room/go to the toilet at any time- that's OK! Everyone is aware of this rule so everyone feels safe. 



The Wink Rule

If you ever feel overwhelmed/experiencing symptoms, we use the "big wink" so our trainers can discreetly support you during class. We use this rule to ensure your mental health is our priority & keeps The Self Care Sisterhood a mental healthy friendly space for you. Everyone knows this rule & so no one is made to feel "singled" out.  



Grace-filled guidance 

During your class/session, you will always receive tailored options for movements (& physical supports!). Chloe & our teachers are hands-on coaches & sometimes uses physical adjustments to ensure you are moving safely, however, we will always ask before giving you a physical adjustment. We also have “permission cards” to be used for all mat classes so you can decide yes or no if you would prefer adjustments. We will always correct quietly & praise loudly in class, so you will always leave feeling encouraged.!




Personal Accountability 

Chloe & our teachers know that showing up is THE biggest victory! So we offer a Weekly Sunday reminder text to encourage you to book your classes for the week & prioritise your “me” time. This helps our teachers to keep you accountable for your self care. But remember that we understand with mental & chronic illness sometimes we need a day off- you'll never be guilted if you miss a class- you'll only always hear "Babe you're back! We missed you!" 



Body Diversity & Acceptance  

We are a weight-bias free space. This means that you will never be told your body is "too......" anything! We as a studio believe in the Health At Every Size approach & are committed to empowering YOU with knowledge, skills & technique to 'Move for your mind' right where you are NOW! This means we do not talk about weight-loss, weigh or measure your body- we track your mood, your movement and your small victories instead!

You can find out more about the Health at Every Size approach here



A community like no other!

 We celebrate each other's small victories (as much as our own!), have spontaneous dance parties and give our troublesome joints names (Hello Hebert the hip!). We are a meeting place to making like-minded friends who can giggle & sweat it out together. 

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