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All of our classes include options & alternative movements so that all bodies are given the support they deserve.

This includes aids such as chairs, bands & hands-on guidance from one of our teachers.

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Boogie Moves


45 minutes

50% step aerobics, follow the teacher dance moves to get your heart rate up & get some sweaty dance stress relief! The other 50% will be learning a fun, easy to follow dance routine that will make you feel like a Britney Spears extra & get those endorphins flowing!

This class will feature our favourite 80s, 90’s & 00’s classics - get ready! BYO sweat towel & your best Lizzo Big Gurrls energy.


Strength Training

45 minutes 

This class is designed to make you feel like Wonder Woman- strong & you know it! This class focuses on helping you conquer movement patterns that we use (& need to use safely!) in everyday life- such as the squat, deadlift, horizontal & vertical push & pull.  We use free weights to build strong muscles (you won't get bulky, promise!) as we guide you through with options for all bodies. We recommend coming to at least 2 classes a week if you are wanting to build strength.

Bend & Stretch

Mobility & Myofascia release

45 minutes

Join us as we guide you through a sequence of dynamic (moving) and static (holding) stretches, mobility training & fascial release (think foam rollers, trigger point balls). Fill up your self care cup as you build flexibility, protect against injury and correct your posture. This class leaves you feeling relaxed, calm & blissed out! We recommend a minimum of one B&S class for all Girl Gang members to ensure you recover well. Guided meditation included in each class with a focus on self compassion, body awareness, holding space for self & self care.


Mat + Barre

45 minutes

Pilates focuses on mind-body-muscle connection & helps you to move with intention and a careful breath. Have fun learning a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Wonderful for core & glute strengthening and alignment of spine/posture. 

Roll & Release

Mobility & Myofascia release

45 minutes

An express bend and stretch class with a focus on myofascia release. We’ll use tennis balls and foam rollers to release tight and sore areas of your body to support you in your movement. A great class if you’re feeling sore after strong or agile!

Flow Yoga

60 minutes 

Enjoy a journey inwards and come home to yourself through mindful breathing, a variety of postures to stretch & strengthen you to be fully present in your body, and move with intention & self compassion.

Yin Yoga

60 minutes 

Prepare to bliss out! Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to five minutes to allow for a great stretch - mentally and physically. Wonderful for recovery and tuning inwards!


45 minutes

A fun, high intensity (but low impact) class featuring boxing with a partner and cardio endurance!

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